UK Visa – Part One

Well… I’m back in the saddle with visa applications. But the good news is this: all my applications are in English this time around and my university status is already established. Phew.

Last week, I received my CAS number, which is an electronic document that confirms my university’s sponsorship. Basically, they vouch to the British government that I will be a graduate student, etc. I understand that my visa is based on a points system. I need 40 points to be issued a visa. Getting the CAS number counted for over 30 of those points. The last 10 are financially based.

I’m applying for funding and loans, which are all handled by the university. I’ve been assembling various forms, verifications, credit checks, and other things. I’m waiting for my FASFA report to be mailed to me, so I can finally send all my documents to the school. From there, I’ll (hopefully) get a letter of financial sponsorship, which will be presented to the embassy/consulate when I apply for my visa. That letter will fulfill the last 10 points.

From there, I submit all the documents to the consulate, get fingerprinted, and wait for my clearance. All in all, it shouldn’t be too long. The average time to wait for a visa (from submission of documents to actually getting my passport stamped with a visa) is around 15 days. I’m just praying that my other financial documents will be timely and that there will be no hangups as far as the process goes. Please be praying for me!!!!

After all, I have only 100 more days until I leave the US for England.
100 days until I start grad school.
100 days until I can kiss my social life goodbye.

It’s another wonderful whirlwind and I’m excited to start this next chapter of my life. I’ve wanted to start grad school for so so long and it’s always seemed like a dream. I can remember praying over this decision for many many hours during my undergrad days at UCLA, meeting with my college pastor for guidance, and checking my heart motives. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and I want to use it all to serve Christ wherever I go!

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